Re: How to use TreeView, Node, Children to create a tree

Mark Space <>
Thu, 24 May 2007 15:40:56 GMT
<cmi5i.21859$> wrote:

Website? Swing? I'm not sure but I think something here is a bit off.
 Are you using Java or Javascript?

If the former, I used this to help me with the JTree class:

Thanks for your reply.

But I hope you read over my thread. I want to build trees on Netbeans

I did read your message. I've been working with Java for about 6 months
now, I'm using NetBeans, and I just happened to start building a JTree
with NetBeans a couple of days ago. There's nothing to it, it's quite
easy. You'll have to say, exactly, what it is you are having problems
with. I can't imagine anyone with 7 years experience in Swing would
have any difficulty at all.

Maybe you're looking for something like this?

Seriously, that's all there is, and I'm learning the Java AudioSystem
api along with this, and a few other things. It's terribly easy.

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