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* If any of your precious theories about innovation being impossible
without royalty-type incentives were true, there'd be no thriving open
source software community -- and in particular, no NetBeans, no
Eclipse, and likely, no Java at all. Think on that for a little while

All of which were developed by large companies for strategic reasons of
their own.

That doesn't refute anything I've said. There are plenty of other
reasons than expected revenue from the direct sale of copies to
develop software.

But you think that developing software i order to make money by selli g it
is a bad idea, which is why you want it to be illegal.

Oh, and calling that tiny company a "monopoly", for the second time now,
confirms [insult trimmed in the interests of civility and decorum]

Surely you've been called worse than "moron".

Can anyone else copy and sell "IntelliJ", legally? No? Then they have
a monopoly -- a state-enforced one at that -- on "IntelliJ".

 Can anyone other than the Coca-Cola company sell Coca-Cola? Can anyone
other than the onwer of a house sell that house? Monopolists, every one of

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