Re: What's NetBeans written in?

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Sat, 14 Jul 2007 13:42:11 -0400
Lew wrote:

Project builds should be done via Ant anyway, not through an IDE.
All IDEs emit text in the end; if a developer prefers vi and they
meet their deadlines and quality goals, more power to them.

David Segall wrote:

If another programmer changes my Matisse GUI using vi the text he
emits will not include the text required for me to continue using

Lew wrote:

This is an argument against using a single IDE, not in favor of it. The
trouble with standardizing on an IDE instead of just a platform and a language
is that you get IDE depencies in your product, a Bad Thing.

David Segall wrote:

Not really. If your IDE vanishes then, with a little effort, you can

It's that "little effort" that I seek to avoid by not forcing the build to
depend on any given IDE.

transfer your source code to punched cards and run it on any platform
that supports Java and has appropriate hardware. Meanwhile you can
enjoy the huge gains that a modern IDE provides.

Of course you can, and should, just not by dictating to the professional what
tools will give them the most of those gains.

It only requires that the project team agree on some standard software. That software will

Au contraire, it not only does not require that, but requiring one specific
IDE could tend to mitigate the gains you get from IDEs. More effective is to
require a certain performance goal, and leave it to the highly-trained
professionals how best to achieve that goal.

Mandating a particular IDE for software developers is like mandating a
particular brand of hammer or other tool for your carpenters - you could do
it, but there really is not a benefit and potentially some detriment.

The best compromise is to insist that anyone /can/ build the project
effectively using the standard IDE. So while I might hare off and use
NetBeans to build my J2EE assignment (and will do so, given the choice), any
team member can open it in the team's standard IDE, say Eclipse, and
successfully build and test my code. The organization can also cluck and tell
me that I'm on my own with NetBeans but they'll willingly support Eclipse.
And fire me if I slip my deadlines. Thus, freedom with an inducement to stay
with the team choice.

range from source code control to 4GL development tools and an IDE is
a convenient way of integrating them.

I am with you on the benefits of IDEs. Use'em myself, ayep.


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