Re: New to advane java help me in Java beans!

Lew <>
Sun, 02 Sep 2007 12:21:48 -0400
NANY(kshore) wrote:

  I am new to want to do java beans programs.I have Jdk
1.6,j2eesdk 1.4,j2sdk 1.4,tomcat 6,netbeans ide 5.5. is there need
any other software? And give complete details how to run beans program
with small example step viz pleas!

Mark Space wrote:

Try Sun's tutorial:

NANY: I am guessing that "" means "advanced java", is that correct?

You can google for "Java tutorials", which will lead you to answers for all
you are asking.

One does not usually speak of "java beans [sic] programs". Java Beans are a
set of patterns and conventions in class design that work with certain of the
Java APIs to make program development easier and more robust.

Were you aware that "j2sdk 1.4" is the older version of "Jdk1.6"?
(Incidentally, all the letters of "JDK" should be upper case in this as in
nearly all acronyms. You're also supposed to place a space after a comma and
two after a sentence, to aid readability. The first word of a sentence is
capitalized, also to aid readability. What does "viz" mean in your context?)

Are you aware of the differences between the JDK and the JEE SDK? These are
explained at
which also has links to many tutorials (such as the one Mark Space mentioned)
and examples. Start there.

IBM DeveloperWorks has more, too. has many pages devoted to help for the Java beginner.


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