Re: Which IDE ?

Lew <>
Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:25:09 -0400
<> wrote:

I know this is a question many people have asked but i wanna make sure
everyone understands what i say.. I have been programming in java for
almost a year and i have changed opinions many times regarding which
IDE fits me best, NetBeans or Eclipse...

Did you have a question?

If it's, "Which is better, NetBeans or Eclipse?" the answer is "NetBeans", of
course. But then, YMMV.

I think that is right and that is what i do now but it is a bit
frustrating moving projects from Netbeans to Eclipse etc.

NetBeans has a facility to directly import Eclipse projects. Doesn't Eclipse
have a facility to import NetBeans projects?

Actually, if your project is Ant-based, both IDEs will import it just fine,
I've imported projects into both IDEs many, many times and it's never been
even "a bit frustrating", except when I want Eclipse to play nice with CVS, or
NetBeans to import a project into CVS for me (using NB 6 nightly build). But
that isn't an issue of porting projects between the IDEs but of getting the
IDEs to fully support CVS.

NetBeans has played nicer with CVS for me, assuming a project already in the
repository, than Eclipse. I've had to jump through hoops to get Eclipse to
coexist with other CVS clients (like, say, "cvs" for example).


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