Re: httprequest can't find servlet

Lew <>
Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:55:04 -0400
gert wrote:

I like to write my own xhtml , [sic] css , [sic] javascript [sic] by hand. Really don't
like entering <jsp specifix xml [sic] tags>. I agree it makes life easier
but apache [sic] doesn't know jsp [sic] tags. And if you want ever static file to
be served by apache [sic] you need to stick with xhtml css and javascript.

If by "apache" you mean their Web Server (httpd), then it doesn't know
servlets either. Anything that can deliver a servlet can deliver a JSP.

Don't compare writing JSPs to writing static pages, compare writing JSPs to
writing servlets in .java files.

Lew wrote:

You didn't answer the questions. I asked where you mounted the application,
and what happens if you navigate to its URL.


Can't navigate to it with browser is not in the web folder ?

That isn't where you mounted the application, that's where you developed it.

You apparently did not deploy the application to Glassfish. The Glassfish
manager application has the means for you to deploy your WAR file. NetBeans
also knows how to deploy an application to a Glassfish server.

(Right-click on the project and select "Deploy" or "Run". You have to have
set up the project properties to have Glassfish as the server.)

Then you need first to study how to deploy applications to Glassfish. Use the
product documentation.

Then come back and report what happens when you follow directions.

Others have directed you to other links. I add,

Measure twice, cut once.


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