Re: Netbeans query

Nigel Wade <>
Fri, 05 Oct 2007 15:05:33 +0100
Lew wrote:

Nigel Wade wrote: wrote:

Is there a way to mount a directory on Netbeans 5.5?
I used to be able to mount a mapped directory and view the programs
under the mounted directory in the old versions of Netbeans.
I can't seem to create a mount to a directory now.
Can you please help?

The same functionality is now handled by "Favourites". If you don't have the
Favourites window open select Favourites from the Window menu. Right-click in
the Favourites panel to open a file selection box where you select a


to add to your list of "favourites". You can then navigate the filesystem


that point and open files which are there.

A more normal approach is "create a project using existing sources".

That's only if you want to create a project. If you want to browse the
filesystem to open a file of any type, anywhere on the fileystem, you use

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