Re: jsps not serving from context root in netbeans server

Lew <>
Thu, 11 Oct 2007 03:01:50 -0400
Dundonald wrote:

I've just started using Netbeans [sic] 5.5 packaged with the sun [sic] java [sic]
application server 9. I run a web app with a context root of for the
sake of example "test", the default page set in web.xml to run at
startup is index.jsp, that is served fine in that index.jsp simply
redirects to a servlet call. The servlet executes fine, but any
resultant request for a jsp [sic] seems to be requested outside of the
context root instead of using the context root and a 404 is returned.
So it's obvious that the server is looking in the wrong place for the

You fail to show the code for how you're navigating to the view JSP.

The flow of my application except for startup is when a link is
clicked always a servlet does some execution and then responds with a
redirect to a jsp for screen display.

When you say "redirect", you probably should be saying "forward". The servlet
should use the RequestDispatcher forward() method to get to the JSP.

To demonstrate:

1. why does the first jsp (index.jsp) serve fine using the context
root and then
2. with any subsequent request the request for the jsp does not use
the context root?

Because you're using redirect instead of forward().

Note that if I manually type inhttp://localhost:8080/test/nextjsp.jsp
it works.


Also note that in the web xml all the servlets have mappings and only
index.jsp is listed as the welcome jsp. Surely not every JSP has to
be listed in the web xml. I've had web apps in WSAD that didn't
require this.

WSAD, JBuilder, NetBeans, it doesn't matter.

No, you don't need to list every JSP.

And final note is that if I change the context root to / (well
actually netbeans [sic] doesn't let just / to be entered as context root so

'/' is not a good context root for an application.

Sorry about the duplicate, not sure what happened with google groups.

Google Groups sucks.


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