Re: REAL SSCCE of my graphical interface with memory leaks

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 01 Nov 2007 02:56:33 GMT
Daniel Dyer wrote:


I ran 'your'* code for 8 hours on Win XP Pro using


Yes I ran it for two hour and the memory grows up to 15.824 KB (Task
Manager Windows) ...

Forget about the Windows Task Manager, it's next to useless for these kind
of measurements ...

Lew mentioned that earlier. Daniel mentioned it again,
and I will add my agreement to both.

Don't use the Windows Task Manager as any sort of indication
of what is happening to your app. How Windows goes about
assigning memory to the JVM that runs your app., is a separate

If the size of the JVM in the task manager actually grows
too big to handle, that will cause a crash in Windows, but
there is nothing that a Java application can do about that -
it is a matter between Sun and Microsoft.

The tool I pointed you too earlier, jconsole, is one simple
way to get a view into the memory used by a Java app.
(somebody also pointed out the NetBeans Profiler, earlier,
but I suspect jconsole is every bit good enough for this job).
jconsole.exe should also be available on your local machine,
assuming it has a recent JDK installed (I see it came with
1.5 as well). jconsole can be found in the bin directory of
the JDK location.

Also, as suggested - severely limit the memory of the app.
in testing, so that if a memory leak really exists, it will
cause problems much sooner.

Until you can say you have seen *OutOfMemoryErrors,*
I am inclined to believe there is *no memory leak.*

Andrew Thompson

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