Re: How standard and interchangeable are Java modules and the like?

 Owen Jacobson <>
Thu, 01 Nov 2007 15:06:28 -0700
On Nov 1, 2:48 pm, Ramon F Herrera <> wrote:

I am just getting acquainted with some new Java building blocks
through the NetBeans IDE.

The "New Project" item offers several alternatives such as:

  - "Module Project"
  - "Module Suite Project"
  - "Library Wrapper Module Project"

...and so on.

How standardized are such constructs? Are those things above simple
time savers that do some typing for me? IOW, can I take another IDE
and say "I want a 'Library Wrapper Module Project'", and expect to get
pretty much the same files generated?

I am guessing that the concept of 'module' is well defined by some
standard, but what about a 'module suite'?

Those look like Netbeans-specific concepts, but it's likely the
generated artifacts are portable to other IDEs, if they're just
different approaches to packaging and arranging Java source.

Eclipse, for example, only has "Java Project" out of the box, which
maps well to the concept of a single JAR but isn't restrained to it
and can be used for other things. You might be able to reproduce a
"Library Wrapper Module" using a Java Project and writing specific
code, and you can probably load an existing "Library Wrapper Module"
into Eclipse as a project.

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