Re: Source Safe/ Subversion / ?

Lew <>
Fri, 02 Nov 2007 17:31:13 -0400
Alexey wrote:

I've been using CVS for ages now. Never felt like I needed tight
integration with IDE's, seeing as I've gone through several different
kinds of IDE's and have now settled into no-IDE for Java development.
Maybe I'm backwards like that, but CVS and Ant work just fine for me,
though I'm aware of and have used Subversion and Maven as well...

I'm another long-time CVS user. While SVN claims certain advantages over CVS,
none of the areas of advantage matter much to me, at least not as much as
repeating the learning curve. SVN projects that I'm on tend to confuse me.

If I switched, I'd (temporarily) lose being able to organize the repository
into linked projects, where common subprojects are automatically included,
separate versioning of different files, cvswrappers magic, combining multiple
branches in a single checkout and some other features that I'm sure have
cognates in SVN but I'm just not familiar with them. I'd gain the ability to
version-control directories. CVS has no flaws that impede my work, and so
many features that empower it, so I've been unwilling to switch.

I haven't used Maven at all yet.

While I favor the use of command-line development (emacs + Ant + Java tools),
I'm too seduced by the convenience of NetBeans to give it up, except for
nightly builds and deployments. Those should be done only from command-line


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