Re: Red Hat, Sun finally buddy up on Java

 Owen Jacobson <>
Mon, 05 Nov 2007 22:59:26 -0800
"Finally"? Redhat was the only distro with a functional java package
(rather than the binary installer) for a long time. Sun and Redhat
have been playing nicey-nice with each other for ages, relative to the
linux community at large. :)

On Nov 5, 7:41 pm, Ramon F Herrera <> wrote:

On Nov 5, 11:11 pm, Mark Space <> wrote:

Ramon F Herrera wrote:

One can't help but wonder whether the next step is the integration of
NetBeans into Eclipse...

I doubt it. This move is centered on the server space. More likely
you'd see a merger of JBoss and Glassfish, or at least a feature swap.
(But even a merger of those, I don't see as very likely.) I don't see
anything that points at one side giving up their desktop IDE.

Mark & Lew:

Perhaps a solution to keep everyone happy would be for the NetBeans
team to follow on Borland/CodeGear's footsteps? NetGear would be able
to contribute and impart their own kind on magic to an Eclipse base.

Competition is extremely important, and I would be very worried to see
Eclipse swallowing everybody else, the way they did with JBuilder.

The one item in my wish list is that all Java IDE providers:

 - Had a common directory and file structure for projects
 - Allowed me to easily keep all the *.java files in a separate
directory, accessible by all the IDEs that I use.

*dons asbestos undergarments*

People who voluntarily store critical parts of their source (like GUI
layouts) in such a way that only one tool can possibly build it are
creating their own problem, regardless of language.

*removes asbestos undergarments*

For myself, I've solved both of these issues with Apache Maven, which
is capable of generating projects for several IDEs from a common
codebase and project file. The process for getting a working eclipse
environment for the projects I'm working on right now is:
 1. check out.
 2. mvn eclipse:eclipse
 3. Eclipse/Import/Existing Projects

I found plugins for IDEA and Netbeans project generation, too.

Rather than impose a specific standard source layout on every single
tool[0], we should probably demand simpler, better-documented formats
for project metadata and clearer conceptual mappings between tool-
specific concepts (like Netbeans' "modules") and standard concepts
(like "JAR").

[0] I expect to be burned at the stake by other maven users for
uttering that sentence. :)

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