Re: Complete noob needs guidance on path to learning.

Mark Space <>
Wed, 05 Dec 2007 08:18:45 -0800
Google Man wrote:

I am a C++ programmer trying to make the jump to java world. I am not
even able to make a head start on where to begin. I mean, there is
Java, J2EE, JavaSDK, JavaBeans, etc etc. Then there seem to be

Start with Java SE (Standard Edition). For compiling though, you'll
need the JavaSDK (Software Development Kit) version of SE. J2EE also
comes in two flavors, stay away from it for now.

libraries like AWT and SWING. Is AWT obsolete? Or can I skip it? Do

AWT is not exactly obsolete. Swing uses it internally, but you
shouldn't have to worry about AWT to begin. Use NetBeans IDE (Sun's own
tutorials tell you to) so you can use the GUI layout tool and avoid hand
coding. You should read the bits in the tutorial about hand coding but
again to get started you don't want to get into it.

After you get more familiar with the over all API, hand coding things
will get easier and be more realistic for learning and actual projects.

I need to learn both AWT or just SWING? Can I learn J2EE without
first learning Java? As you can see I am totally confused.

Nope, gotta start with Java first. J2EE is a bunch of libraries. Java
is the core language. By analogy: learn C++ first, then you can
understand the STL.

I could start picking up any of the thousands of books out there but I
am afraid I will end up wasting valuable time learnings things that I
probably don't need to. I don't want to go through reading a whole

I'll second O'Reilly's Learning Java. The tutorials on the web from sun
are also good, but I found them hard to actually get started on. Sun's
tutorials worked better as a kind of live reference in between Learn
Java and the JavaDocs.

book only to find out that everything I just spent the last 2 months
on has been superceded waaay back already by some other version.

Can anyone help me in this regards. Would Bruce Eckel's Thinking in
Java be a good start?

I don't care for Mr. Eckel's books personally.


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