Re: GUI Builders (including 'vi' and 'Notepad')

Mark Space <>
Wed, 05 Dec 2007 19:10:11 GMT
Ramon F Herrera wrote:

I agree entirely with your comments IF (and only if) the developer is
limited to using free software. If the developer can afford a couple
hundred bucks for a tool that will bring high productivity, then I
disagree with your assessment. The tool that makes all the difference
in GUI building is this:

Could you give me two examples how that program far exceeds what is
available for free? Specific to Java, of course.

The state of free, OSS tools is such that no wonder people prefer 'vi'
or 'notepad'.

There's no way vi can match NetBeans.

My experience with pay-for tools is that you get a lot less than the
free components, plus the hassle of vendor-lock in.

Everything looks slick and great until you get half way into it with a
real project, then you find out where they cut corners and why some
other library critical to your project is inherently incompatible with
any real-world use of your pricey tool.

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