Re: newbie : I have downloaded jfugue jar file how to install it

Lew <>
Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:58:59 -0500
Michael Redlich a ?criv?:

javac -classpath [path]\jufugue.jar
   will compile the application
java -cp [path]\jfugue.jar;. MyMusicApp
   will execute the application

Boris schrieb:

Thanks,but this is for compiling and running through dos prompt.

Why "but"? The word "but" usually implies a contradiction.

I am using JCreator for coding in which we just have to press F5 for
compiling and running the program. So I am not able to get how to give
path of jfugue.jar while compiling.

Thomas Fritsch wrote:

You should be able to.


Look at <>. The screenshot shows
there is a "Project ClassPath" option.

Boris schrieb:

I tried keeping the program and
jfugue.jar file in same folder and then compilied, but this also did
not solved the problem. At last I extracted the jfugue.jar (bit
file in the same folder with program which solved the

Say, "masked", rather than, "solved".

Aside from "Project Classpath", does JCreator have a "Project Properties"
dialog with settings like "Libraries"? NetBeans and Eclipse both have a
concept of project "libraries", folder and JAR dependencies, so I'm guessing
JCreator must have a cognate.


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