Re: Educational java IDE

Lew <>
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:13:27 -0500
Alexander Cherednichenko wrote:

On Jan 24, 11:47 pm, Lord Zoltar <> wrote:

When I took algorithms courses, vim (although there are many other
good text editors out there) and the command line were enough. The
programs were rarely large enough (in terms of lines of code, or
number of classes/files) to warrant a full-blown IDE, as most of the
hard work was done with pencil and paper. Since you don't need
powerful modelling capabilities or database integration, I think MOST
IDEs (NetBeans, Eclipse, etc...) would be overkill.
I've heard BlueJ is a good "educational" IDE. I have never used it,
but it's the only "simple" IDE that I know of for Java.

As of my experience using Vim, it is not much less easier than rich
IDEs like mentioned Eclipses etc... nor less powerful.
This is a question of comfort - and about the pencil w/paper - yes,
you are right, this is needed indeed. :)

Thanks for BlueJ link, it seems to me I have heard something about it
in past.
I'll try one.

Many of the commercial IDEs have free or significantly reduced-price versions
for the educational market.

Eclipse and NetBeans are two of the best IDEs out there, and are open source.
  They are roughly equivalent in features. Both form the basis of commercial
offerings, but I have seen a lot more derivatives of Eclipse in the commercial
world (everything from Rational). Both support plugins to extend
capabilities. Both have vibrant developer and user communities. Both play
well with all major frameworks, servers, databases, XML and other acronym
farms. Both are also highly capable rich-client platforms (RCP).

Advocacy between the two is an Editor War [1]. Personally I prefer NetBeans
over Eclipse. I prefer Eclipse, the free one, over its commercial offspring.
  I've used both for years, often on the same projects, and I never complain
about having to use Eclipse (and family). Much. Too often. Where folks can
hear me. I don't hold the preference for Eclipse against those benighted
folks afflicted with it, either.

[1] <>


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