Re: jar file won't run

Lew <>
Sun, 10 Feb 2008 02:43:29 -0500
michau wrote:

Hi, I have a project in NetBeans, the project compiles, no errors, I
also included in it all required extra libraries:
javamail 1.4.1,
jaf (Java Activation Framework) 1.1.1
(except for the standard Java ones)

I have two main classes, that I can both run from NetBeans.
However if I use "Build Project" in NetBeans (which gives me a
ProjectName.jar file), I cannot run the jar file. There's an error
message after trying to run it:
"The jar file "ProjectName.jar" couldn't be launched. Check the
Console for possible error messages"
Also if I try to use jar command from a terminal (on Mac OS) to create
a .jar file for one of the two main classes, like so:
"jar cf mainclass1.jar *.class"
it gives me the same error.

Where can I finde the "console", what is it, can the solution to the
problem be there, or is it some other, perhaps trivial, issue?

In NetBeans the console is one of the windows in the view - where all the
output messages appear. From the command line the console is the command window.

When you invoke the JAR from your command line, what is the command?


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