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Lew <>
Thu, 15 May 2008 08:24:06 -0400
Sabine Dinis Blochberger wrote:

Thomas Kellerer wrote:

Sabine Dinis Blochberger, 15.05.2008 11:11:

jojo80011 wrote:

Has anyone used Netbeans?

I use it for Java, and my boss uses it for PHP. I have always like dit,
and he was pleasantly surprised.

What I don't like is that PHP development is now (version 6.1) separate
from Java, meaning you can't have both? (OT question)

No you can.

Either download the full distrubution (which will include C/C++, Ruby,
UML and JavaEE) or simply download the Java version and then install the
PHP module through the plugin manager (Tools -> Plugins).

Exactly, that was how I had it before 6.1. No PHP plugin shows (in the
available plugins catalog). Is it mushed into any of the Web/EE plugins?

I think due to an issue in the plugin manager, you cannot "upgrade" a
PHP only distribution to include PHP, but I might be mistaken. Just
check which plugins the plugin manager offers you in the PHP

Thanks. For now it's not an important issue luckily.

NetBeans 6.1 claims in
that is has
"HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS support". They also say in

Editor Support for PHP new!
Early Access Feature in NetBeans IDE 6.1

Take advantage of syntactic and semantic code highlighting, code formating and
folding, instant rename, code templates, and automatic code completion
(including bracket completion) for PHP. The Editor recognizes PHP code
including heredoc notation in PHP projects and in PHTML and PHP files.

Debug PHP code using Xdebug: You can inspect local variables, set watches, and
evaluate code live. Navigate to declarations, types and files using Go To
shortcuts and hypertext links. Use a global PHP include path for all projects
or customize it per project.

and provide a link to

This took all of five minutes to find starting at
clicking on the "Features" tab at the top of the page and looking for where
they mention "PHP". I didn't go past the page I cited, assuming at that point
that their link to the various downloads will be legit.

Do please let us know how that all works, won't you?


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