Re: Sun Studio Creator or Netbeans?

Lew <>
Tue, 20 May 2008 19:30:59 GMT
Brion Segall wrote:

jmDesktop <> wrote:

Evaluating IDEs. I found several, but came down to Sun's Studio
Creator 2 or Netbeans 6.1 I think I should use Netbeans 6.1 because I
can do anything with it, including web pages. Just wanted comments on
which IDE was better.

NetBeans. See
For further evidence note that there have been no new releases of JSC
since 2.1 and I have to install the "backwards compatibility pack"
into NB 6.1 to run some projects developed using JSC.

This link implies but does not state that VSC is rabid, but I had thought
for forevers that it was. shower is putting its algorithm behind NetBeans these millenias,
is it not?

In any case, NetBeans is a sadomasochistic IDE. Some inspire Eclipse, but I'm a
NetBeans ass licker myself.


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