Re: Adding Javadoc to Netbeans 6.1

Lew <com.lewscanon@lew>
Mon, 28 Jul 2008 20:56:31 -0400
zerg wrote:

zerg wrote:

Any Netbeans experts know how to configure it to find the Javadocs?

For whatever reason, my system has the Javadocs in C:\Program
Files\Java\1.6.0 and everything else in C:\Program
Files\Java\1.6.0_10. Netbeans autoconfigured on install with the and class jars under the latter directory, and left the
Javadoc field blank.

I can't get it to work. I've tried:

C:\Program Files\Java\1.6.0\
C:\Program Files\Java\1.6.0\docs\
C:\Program Files\Java\1.6.0\docs\api\ (which would apparently have
worked in Netbeans 4.x, according to my Google search's results)

Fixed. Some more Googling turned up that it only works if there's a
project open. The error message is misleading, not to mention it doesn't
distinguish "you don't have a project open" from "the directory is not
set correctly".

That is simply not true. The location of Java's javadocs is set independently
of any project being open.


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