Re: Difficulty with Java Desktop Application type: components not displayed

Mark Space <>
Wed, 10 Sep 2008 16:35:12 -0700
Jonathan Wilson wrote:

I am trying to learn Java and right now I'm working with NetBeans trying to
learn to design GUIs. I've been using various tutorials I can find on the
web, mostly on the web site.

Most of the tutorials have been using the "Java Application" project type.

Since you are new, I'd recommend that you not use that wizard. Java
Desktop Application is a new thing. It's intended for experienced
developers who want to create fairly sophisticated desktop applications.
  It's not really aimed at the novice.

Instead, use the basic Matisse (GUI Builder) tutorials:


There's more like that here:

You can see the master list of tutorials here:

Try doing web searches for Matisse and Swing, those are the two main
tools you should be using as someone just starting out. I've looked at
that Desktop App builder and it's complicated. You can go a long, long
ways with just Swing.

Finally, try the Swing tutorial at Sun's website. It's not really as
basic as I'd like, but it's a good deal more basic than the Java Desktop
App builder thing you're playing around with now.


There's other getting started resources, but I don't want to overload
you (yet) :).

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