Re: Specifications for a machine for JEE development

Lew <>
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 14:55:42 -0400
Jan Paulsen wrote:

I am really sorry that this is getting to be centered around NetBeans.
That's not the idea, but I find the speed of the harddisk to be
particularly noticeable in this tool (now wait 'till I get some real
data for that route planning application....).

The discussion is relevant for any combination of application and OS that
necessitates disk activity, particularly memory swapping and disk paging.

The multi-core and RAM recommendations apply also. You want plenty of memory
and plenty of Level 1 and 2 cache. Memory speeds are another limiting factor
particularly in multi-tasking, even more in windowed platforms.
Multiprocessing OSes split tasks reasonably well, usually, so overall
throughput goes up, especially with headless (no video interaction) processes.

I use NetBeans, Glassfish and Postgres under Ubuntu Linux. A four-core Intel
64 box with 4GB RAM that I bought on sale runs the servers reasonably well.
It has large SATA drives that provide good throughput for a developer's
environment. I put NetBeans and the browser on a second computer, a
single-core AMD64 with 1GB RAM and IDE drives.

Running the servers on the same 1 GB single-CPU box as NetBeans and the
browser shows considerable performance degradation compared to the two-node


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