Re: need a simple java programming environment

Lew <>
Tue, 25 Aug 2009 17:59:24 -0400
markspace wrote:

I tried Eclipse too long ago and also found it confusing.
NetBeans was more approachable for me in the beginning.

Lew wrote:

Editor War!

markspace wrote:

Hopefully not. I put the bit about "long ago" in there deliberately
to forestall any such arguments.

No worries. You picked the right one so you get no argument.

Tom Anderson wrote:


I'd use cuneiform, but they really chisel you for the medium. Plus
backspacing is a bitch.

markspace wrote:

This is all true, but the OP asked for a simple solution. Frankly, a
good IDE is the easiest and simplest, imo.

Tom Anderson wrote:

I really, really think that's not the case. Going from zero to an IDE is
a daunting task; start with a programmer's editor (TextPad,
TextWrangler, Notepad2 something like that), then move on to an IDE in
time. Certainly, an IDE makes programming much quicker and less
laborious, and so more fun, but it has a difficult learning curve of its

Admittedly, i've [sic] only used Eclipse. I can imagine that NetBeans is
easier - it could hardly be any harder.

I suspect it's a question of style, or perhaps imprinting. I find NetBeans
easier, too, but from time to time find myself wishing for a feature only
present or done differently in Eclipse. On balance I find NetBeans easier and
more direct to use, with a cleaner relationship to the underlying project files.


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