Re: Netbeans "form" code is uneditable unless copy/paste into new java file

Nigel Wade <>
Mon, 03 Sep 2012 10:39:44 +0100
On 26/08/12 15:44, wrote:

How can I modify the code automatically created by Netbeans. Some of
that code appears to be uneditable.

You can't. It's created by NetBeans as determined by the properties of
each of the palette components in the form. If you start making ad hoc
changes to the code the relationship between the form and the code will
be broken.

NetBeans provides you with many facilities to modify the code which is
generated. Much of the functionality of the component is set in the
Properties window for that component. The most flexible customization is
in available in the "Code" tab of the Properties window. Here you can
enter your own code at specific points during the
construction/initialization steps of the component.

Instead, I can copy the code, delete the form file it was in, and
paste the code into a new class. But, the form disappears. At this
code I have all the code, but I lose the "Design" view entirely.

Of course, by doing this you have explicitly broken the relationship
between the form and the Java code created from it.

Ok experts, what can I do.

Look at all the properties of the component and see if any of them can
do what you require.

The reason I want to do this is the Swing pallet (in design view)
doesn't have things that I need such as modal window capabilities
(jdialogs), and Jlayer capabilities (for a light box effect). Am I
wrong about this.

If this is related to you other question regarding modal dialogs, then I
would recommend you start here:

The simplest modal dialog is the JOptionPane.

Otherwise you can create your own JDialog. This might be in the main
GUI, as the "Other Components" section of the form, or a separate class
auto-created by the "new JDialog form". A JDialog in the form editor
does have the modal property, which is a toggle button in the main
Properties for the object. I have no knowledge of JLayer, but you can
probably do what you want via the Properties/Code tab of whatever
component in the form is most suitable.

Nigel Wade

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