Re: Help with Java in Netbeans

Lew <>
Sun, 24 Feb 2013 18:24:34 -0800 (PST)
Sara M. wrote:

okay so I have this assignment and

Are there teachers? Teaching assistants?

this is what they want from me :

They want you to come to them for help.

Project=85 Mixed Results
Create a new project called MixedResults with a class called Tester. With=

in the main method

of Tester you will eventually printout [sic] the result of the following =

problems. However, you

should first calculate by hand what you expect the answers to be. For exa=

mple, in the

You haven't shown us this part of your work.

parenthesis [sic] of the first problem, you should realize that strictly =

integer arithmetic is taking

place that results in a value of 0 for the parenthesis [sic].
double d1 = 37.9; //Initialize these variables at the top of your progr=


double d2 = 1004.128;
int i1 = 12;
int i2 = 18;
Problem 1: 57.2 * (i1 / i2) +1
Problem 2: 57.2 * ( (double)i1 / i2 ) + 1
Problem 3: 15 =96 i1 * ( d1 * 3) + 4
Problem 4: 15 =96 i1 * (int)( d1 * 3) + 4
Problem 5: 15 =96 i1 * ( (int)d1 * 3) + 4
Your printout should look like the following:
Problem 1: 1.0
Problem 2: 39.13333333333333
Problem 3: -1345.39999999999
Problem 4: -1337
Problem 5: -1313
and I dont know how to get that !!!

Calculate the result of the expression, optionally assign the result to a v=
then print out the value of the result along with the indicated label.

this is what I write in Netbeans :

You show the first two of those three steps.

    public static void main(String []args)

Fix your indentation.

     double d1 = 37.9; //Initialize these variables at the top of your =


     double d2 = 1004.128;
     int i1 = 12;
     int i2 = 18;
     final double PROGRAM1=57.2 * (i1 / i2) +1;

That variable name is not compliant with the Java naming conventions, nor w=
ith the instructions
for your problem.

Try "problem1" as a variable name, and similarly for the rest.

These variables don't really need to be 'final'.

     final double PROGRAM2=57.2 * ( (double)i1 / i2 ) + 1;
     final double PROGRAM3=15 =96 i1 * ( d1 * 3) + 4;
     final double PROGRAM4=15 =96 i1 * (int)( d1 * 3) + 4;
     final double PROGRAM5=15 =96 i1 * ( (int)d1 * 3) + 4;

Now print out the values of those variables, along with the labels the inst=
ructions requested.

but it is wrong so can someone tell me how to get the above print they ar=

e expecting !!

How wrong? Show us what you expected and what you got.

Questions end in a single question mark, not two exclamation points.

and I have another question ,

Should be in a separate post, then.

Create a new project called ArithmeticAssignment with a class called Test=

er that will calculate

and print the results of the following arithmetic problems:

How about you do the first problem first before you try to do another? Hm?

Really, doesn't your school have resources to which you can go for help?


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