Re: Inserting Multiple Lines from Console

Lew <>
Mon, 8 Apr 2013 17:59:29 -0700 (PDT)
zn=F4rt wrote:

Lew writes:

In this case it's a bizarre answer.

i [sic] found it amusing, and quite brilliant.

This is a Java newsgroup, and the OP clearly was trying to learn Java.

The suggestion to use Scanner or a string tokenizer was better.

instead of pointing to some basic building blocks with which to build a
rudimentary parser, he presented a working solution using a complete
parser already available to java [sic]. i [sic] would definitely hire thi=

s guy! xD

Not appropriate for the question, though.

and his code style isn't that bad. anyway if your eyes start to bleed
just paste into eclipse [sic] and hit ctrl-shift-f!

You don't work in a professional programming environment with source contro=
l and
code reviews, do you?

Formatting changes introduce more to review and get wrong. They are frowned=

Everywhere I've worked has insisted on a house style before checkin is perm=

Also, I program on a Mac a lot of the time, so Ctrl-Shift-F doesn't work, a=
nd when at
home I usually use NetBeans, which has a different key chord.

Not everyone uses Eclipse or NetBeans, either.

Stefan is notable for his attitude about conventional formatting and simple=
 type names.


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