Re: Eclipse: Folding Code Blocks More Specific Than Methods?

Lew <>
Thu, 2 May 2013 12:35:46 -0700 (PDT)
Steve wrote:

I'm new to Eclipse.

I haven't found a way to fold blocks of code in Java smaller than a method.


I have a legacy project to maintain with huge and frequent nested
conditionals. Refractoring is not an option at this point.

Get used to reading messy code.

Seriously - this is better, stronger and more sustainable than relying on a plugin.

I searched StackOverflow, there was some mention of a plugin called
Coffee Cup which enhances Eclipse code folding, but the Google site
where it is hosted said the project is no longer being developed and >
there were no downloads to download.

Can anyone suggest an alternative?

Yeah. Hard work.

I already have a better IDE, but I want to get used to using Eclipse for
a while because it seems to be an industry standard.

Concentrate on the task you have to solve and not the IDE you're using.

Eclipse isn't necessarily the best IDE out there. Yes, it is commonly used, as
are, for example, NetBeans and IntelliJ. I don't know that it requires any depth
of knowledge to use Eclipse effectively. Personally I use it the same way as any
other IDE and try not to rely too much on Eclipse-specific features.

I also never fold code. Comments occasionally, but not code. Really, just learn to
read the code. So it's tough. It's easier than tarring roofs.


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