Re: Help with Extending a class

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:32:57 -0400
Lew wrote:

What is the client doing while waiting for the server to call back?

If you want a simulation of asynchronous RMI calls, spawn a client thread to
call for the result and wait for the reply. Have it asynchronously signal
your primary thread when the result is ready.

Why do you feel the need for server calls to the client? Perhaps by stepping
to a wider outlook we can perceive a simpler solution to a desirable result
based on different premises.

KDawg44 wrote:

In the Battleship game, the client shoots then the server returns
fire. I see your point. It would be a lot better if the server
generated a shot and then the client got it with a remote method call.

Thanks for helping me clear this up.

But back to my first question:

What is the client doing while waiting for the server to call back?

Doesn't the client have to wait for the server to fire before it can do anything?

If so, just have the server's shot be part of the response from the RMI call
that registers the client's shot.


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