Re: Vector

"Andrew Thompson" <>
28 Jan 2007 07:38:57 -0800
On Jan 29, 2:12 am, "andrewzzz" <> wrote:

I have to use a Vector object to store a growable array of objects,but
I have an implementative question :
I have to create the Vector only the first time the class cointaining
it will be extecuted , then I have to add elements ,
without deleting old entries , and creating new instances of the
class :
Here is my actual simple code , that I think will delete all my
entries every time the class is executed.
Another question :

No. Actually you have made a number of
statements, but asked no question, up to
this point.

...after deserializing a class , I need to
instanciate it?

No. Serialized data comes back as *objects*
of the classes that were serialized. If you
had to instantiate the class, and repopulate
the attributes, it would make the process of
serialisation/deserialisation pointless.

Thanks a lot guys!!! bytebye
(please note that I'm obliged to use Vector..)

Please note that a student doing their thesis,
is usually supposed to have enough clarity of
thought to know when they are asking a question,
and some of that clarity of thought might be well
put to thinking of better thread titles than
'Vector' and 'Sinature'. Perhaps
'Vector use and serialisation' &
'Sign code with public key'?

Andrew T.

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