Re: how to create noise signal, convert to xml and send to tcp/ip socket?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
29 Mar 2007 23:54:03 -0700
On Mar 30, 4:34 pm, "Fengyuan" <> wrote:

I would like to create a random noise signal


..convert the signal into xml format ..

import java.util.Random;
import java.beans.XMLEncoder;

public class Noise {

  public int[] sample;

  public Noise() {
    int length = 100;
    sample = new int[ length ];
    Random noiseGenerator = new Random();
    for (int ii=0; ii<length; ii++) {
      sample[ii] = noiseGenerator.nextInt(256)-128;

  public int[] getSample() {
    return sample;

  public void setSample(int[] sample) {
    this.sample = sample;

  public static void main(String[] args)
    throws FileNotFoundException {
    Noise noise = new Noise();
    XMLEncoder e = new XMLEncoder(
      new BufferedOutputStream(
        new FileOutputStream("noise.xml")));

Note that this results in an enormuosly
bloated amount of bytes, over, say an
array of int's. So it would be a very
inefficient way to ..

..send to a TCP/IP socket.

Andrew T.

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