Re: java.util.prefs.Preferences and arrays

From: (Stefan Ram)
29 Dec 2007 05:16:19 GMT
Supersedes: <>

Roedy Green <> writes:

java.util.prefs.Preferences does not seem to be designed to store
multiple copies of each field (i.e. arrays).

  The documentation at

  does not use the term ?field? in this regard.

  You might refer to the value of a key.

  Since I do not understand ?multiple copies of each field?, but
  since you mention arrays, I assume that you ask how to store
  an array as the value of a key.

  You might serialize the array to a string or a byte array and
  then store this string or byte array, respectively.

Do you look for some unique data value to use as key, load and sort?
without recording the index?

  The documentation at

  does not use the term ?index?.

  I can not comprehend what you refer to with ?the index?.

  The key can be a string. Choose it as you choose any
  other identifier, e.g., a variable name, when you write code.

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