Re: Serialization Issue

Lew <>
Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:14:05 -0400
Lord Zoltar said :

What's a "transcendent" field? ;)

Roedy Green wrote:

 he means "transient".

Eric Sosman wrote:

    No, "translucent," meaning "through a glass, darkly,"
which is as good a description of serialization as one
could wish for.

Brilliantly put, and accurate, but the deuce is that Serializable can be
useful if one is willing to go through all the work to design a class to use
it correctly.

Since I'm going through all the work to learn to persist object models, I'm
studying OpenJPA and Hibernate.

I hypothesize that the stack of JSF on Tomcat with a PostgreSQL back end
mediated through a JPA layer, perhaps with Spring injection, is a viable way
for a solo practitioner to make sturdy, scalable apps. You get tired of
reinventing the persistence layer with every project, and I don't have time
part-time nor personnel to invest in the kind of large-team process they use
at work. The Graal is to make big apps with just li'l ol' me.

/A Scanner Darkly/ by Philip K. Dick
Great novel, good movie (on DVD)

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