Re: ClassLoader question

Mark Space <>
Mon, 28 Apr 2008 10:47:11 -0700
Matt Humphrey wrote:

Loading classes with a class loader is easy and it is reasonably easy to
establish some kind of new context (re-load a plugin or component) that uses
newer or different versions of classes than other concurrent contexts. Some
webservers (JBoss is one) do this so you can drop in a revised web app war /
ear and it will run with the new one. Note, however, that the old one is
closed out and requests go to the new one. What you can't do via
classloaders is change the class definition of an existing object. The JVM
debugging protocol does have that capability, but I don't think it's done
via classloaders. If you can convert your objects into an inactivate form,
such as an XML string or serialized data or so forth, they can be
reconstituted into a new class definition via a new classloader. I haven't
had a chance to try that yet but it sounds like fun.

Interesting idea. Serialization can also be used to implement deep
copying on objects (the subject of recent discussion here). It's slow,
but there's ways to speed it up. Combine serialization/copy with
classloading, and you can mutate existing classes into completely new ones.

Here's Sun's article on deep copying via serialization:

Here's a faster version of the deep copy algorithm:

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