Re: FindBugs complaining about non-serializable field although everything looks Serializable

Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:52:10 -0800
On 1/12/12 8:40 AM, wrote:


I'm using Java 1.6. My FindBugs tool is giving me this error ...

     Non-transient non-serializable instance field in serializable
     Class com.myco.clearing.common.xml.Node defines non-transient non-
serializable instance field children

The class and its private fields that Findbugs is complaining about
are below ...

     public class Node implements Serializable, Comparable<Node>,
Cloneable {

   private List<Node> children;

     * Parent node
    private Node parent;
     * Node attributes
    private List<Attribute> attributes;

I'm assuming that "List" is the java.util.List interface, which does not
extend Serializable. Many implementations *are* serializable, but the
interface itself is not. FindBugs is warning you that it is possible to
set the "children" and "attributes" fields to List implementations that
are not serializable.

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