Re: JOutlookBar

Lew <>
Fri, 27 Apr 2012 13:51:00 -0700 (PDT)
markspace wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

Peter Cheung wrote:

I already set it to 1ms, but it still runs slowly.

So the animation is not smooth.

You're timer simply calls draw. Also, 1ms is really too fast, and will
cause more harm than good. You should aim for closer to 30hz->60hz. Try
around 33ms timer.

I happen to know a little about animation (graphics is a personal hobby
of mine). The gold standard in animation is 25 frames per second, or 40
ms in between frames.

However, as a practical matter, much lower frames rates are acceptable.
  Some cheaper animation, like some of the early so-called
"japanimation," used as little as 4 or 6 frames per second in parts of
their work.

I'd start at 250 ms. 1 ms will clearly overwhelm any normal desktop
system with too much work. Get 250 ms working, then see if it can be

Ideally, the "work" for your animation should be done in the timer
handler too (so that your state changes on the timer, not just a redraw).


Peter, what I've looked at in your code base is pretty bad. Most of it
is really ugly generated code. Nothing has comments. There's no test
harness that I saw. You need to slow down and write some code by hand,
try to understand what is really going on. One good class is better
than 100 cruddy classes, and it is certainly my impression that the
latter is what you have.

Looking at this part of your code, Peter:

public class OutlookBarLayout implements LayoutManager2,, ActionListener

// Why not import Serializable?
// Where is the 'serialVersionUID'?

        public Hashtable<String, Component> components = new Hashtable<String, Component>();

// Don't use Hashtable

        public int buttonHeight = 31;
        private int separatorHeight = 8;

        private int totalHeight;
        private int noOfButtonLeft;
        private int top;
        private int left;

// bad scope, AFAICT, should be a local variable - how is this part of the instance state?

        private int right;
        private Timer timer = new Timer(1, this);

// Shouldn't this be 'final'?

        private Container target;
        private int currentY;

        public OutlookBarLayout() {

You don't need to specify a no-argument, empty constructor.

Where are your Javadoc comments?

Have you gone over every line of this class and gained comprehension of what it does?

Please answer the questions in detail.


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