Re: Servlets, send redirect and request scope

"Berlin Brown" <>
31 Aug 2006 08:42:56 -0700
What you are saying makes sense, except for the last part. Let me add a
little bit more pseudo code (note I have some of my code in there):

public class TestReconnectServlet extends BaseServlet {
  doPost() {

     String theKey = request.getParameterKey();
     String theValue = request.getParameter(theKey);
     Object arr [] = new Object[2];
     arr[0] = theKey;
     arr[1] = theValue;
     session.setValue("mysession.before.redirect", arr);

public class TheFilter implements Filter {
  public void doFilter(ServletRequest reqBasic, ServletResponse
respBasic, FilterChain chain) {

  HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest) reqBasic;
            HttpServletResponse res = (HttpServletResponse) respBasic;

  /// Here ????????? build up the request object?
  String key, value = session.getValue(arr);
  request .setValue(key, value);


  chain.doFilter(req, res);


Hmm, this might actually work?


When I do the redirect, it is to the GoToFilter?

Chris Smith wrote:

Berlin Brown <> wrote:

How would I do that. I know about filters. But what about in this

Would I use the redirect to hit a 'filter'.

Yes. For example, you might use something like this:

1. Set a session attribute before you redirect containing the desired
request attributes and parameters.

2. Install a filter that intercepts all requests.

  - If the session attribute doesn't exist, then just pass the request
    along the chain without doing anything.

  - If the session attribute does exist, then build a wrapped request
    that returns the desired attributes and parameters, and pass that
    along the chain.

Chris Smith

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