Re: Opening files from a web server using Java servlets

Simon Brooke <>
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 14:22:13 +0100
in message <>, jonesy
('3" <') wrote:


I have used Java servlets for a website. I would like to open files
stored on the webserver from the Java servlet. I was previously using:


which redirected users to the file, but this forfeits the website
permissions as the users can simply type in the whole URL of the file
at a later date and access the file directly.

I found info on GetFile() here:

You don't need this. See

Simply open the stream, schlurp the contents either into memory or a local
file, or simply print it directly to the output stream. For example:

         * read the value at this URL and return it as a string
         * @param source where to read from
         * @return a string representation of the data fetched from the URL
         * @since Jacquard 1.9
        protected String readStringFromURL( URL source ) throws IOException
                BufferedReader in =
                        new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader( source.openStream( ) ) );

                StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer( );

                for ( String line = in.readLine( ); line != null;
                                        line = in.readLine( ) )
                        buf.append( line );
                        buf.append( '\n' );

                return buf.toString( );

-- (Simon Brooke)

        ;; I'll have a proper rant later, when I get the time.

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