Re: Cookie Counts

 Manish Pandit <>
Sun, 22 Jul 2007 02:09:43 -0700
On Jul 21, 5:18 pm, Dan <> wrote:

Hello -

I'm having a hard time displaying how many times a site has been
accessed using cookies.

For example, one of the sites that my servlet is redirecting to is

In my code I have:
public class DirectIt2Servlet extends HttpServlet
        int countn=1;
        public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)
                throws ServletException, IOException
                Cookie[] cookies = req.getCookies();
                if(cookies==null) //adds cookie if null
                        Cookie n = new Cookie("nyc", "" + countn);
                if(req.getParameter("sw")==null) //checks hidden value to see if
first time through
                        PrintWriter out = resp.getWriter();
                        out.println("<html>" +
                        "<head><title>" +
                        "DirectIt2Servlet.html" + "</title></head>" +
                        "<body>" +
                        "<form action=\"/MyWebApp/DirectIt2Servlet\">" +
                        "<p>" + "Below are three choices for three different web pages that
you can go to. Click on the radio button, and then click on submit to
go to that page." + "<br />");
                        for(int j=0;j<cookies.length;j++) //checks the cookies
                                Cookie temp;
                                        out.println("<br />" + "");
                                        out.println("<input type=\"radio\" name=\"Pages\" value=\"Nytimes
\" />");
                                        out.println("<br />" + "The NY Times has been accessed " +
temp.getValue() + " times since " + "//(beginning of count date//");
out.println("<br />" + "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"SButton\" value=
\"Send\" />" + "<br />" + "</p>" +"<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"sw\"
value=\"y\" />" + "</form></body></html>"); }
else (if hidden value is not equal to null)
        if(req.getParameter("Pages").equals("Nytimes")) //add the cookies
                Cookie nyccount = new Cookie("nyc", "" + countn++);

How do I put in the count date? Am I doing everything correctly? HELP!

If you are doing a response.sendRedirect to another site, I doubt that
cookies from your site will be set in the user's browser. You will
have to design the system in a way that there is an intermediate
action between the cookie setting and the redirection - maybe a client
redirection instead of a server redirect.


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