Re: Variable in Setter

 "" <>
Sat, 11 Aug 2007 16:25:44 -0700

Is this correct?

Inside the BeanChalker class:
private String lastname;
private String firstname;
BeanChalker() {}

public String getLastname() {
return lastname;

public void setLastname(String lastname) {
this.lastname = lastname;

public String getFirstname() {
return firstname;

public void setFirstname(String firstname) {
this.firstname = firstname;

//or do I put this in the BeanChalker class instead?

 public void set(String key, String value)
        values.set(key, value);

     public String get(String key)
             return values.get(key);

//then call like this in the Servlet?

  static Set keys;
        keys = new HashSet()

    private checkKey(String key)
        if (!keys.contains(key))
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(key);

String myvariableFirst = "firstname";
String myvariableLast = "lastname";
Would I use this for my get info?

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