Re: java project(Visual or sympathetic help system for student)

Jeff Higgins <>
Wed, 14 Oct 2009 14:48:24 -0400
<hb56e0$k43$> wrote:

Hello All,
I want to develop one project on java (mainly in servlet and jsp). my
project idea is as follows
project detail
Students often have difficulties coming to grips with new
technologies. Many help systems exist that point towards general
references such as blogs and on???line help. In this project, a help
system is to be devised to accept programming queries from a student
in text form, determine what the problem is, find a sequence of
suitable information to help with the problem, and reply in a suitably
visual way. For
example, with regard to a query about an array, a small animation
might be produced that shows the elements in an array, going out of
bounds, etc. A good imagination and some programming ability would be

So I need guidance in this project.
can anyone guide me what can be the modules and do i need to use any
extra technology to develop this project.
please guide me how to do this project.

Thanks and Regards
Barnali Rakshit

Interesting project.
I've been attempting the first part of this myself.

My project:
Gather a bunch of math word problems.
and try to break them down, and classify them.

I gathered a small corpus of math word problems from
the web, and manually annotated them according to my
home-brew taxonomy.

Now I am attempting to break them down and decipher them.
For this I've been using Gate: <>
One of the first problems I had to overcome was
irregular sentence breaks:

"For every six increases in gauge numbers, wire diameter is
cut in half. No. 18 AWG has a diameter of 0.403 in and No. 24
AWG has a diameter of 0.0201 in. What is the change in
cross-sectional area from No. 18 to No. 24?"

The further along I get the harder and more interesting it becomes.

Once I've learned how to get a random textual word problem
and figure out what is being asked, (a ginormous problem)
I guess I could go on to the problems of finding and displaying

Anyway, here are some links that I've found interesting.
Most of them point to Java 'modules' that might help you.

  * All things Servlet and JSP
  * <>
  * What's in a Question.
  * <>
  * Classification
  * <>
  * Reasoning
  * <>
  * Learning
  * <>
  * Retention
  * <>
  * Retrieval
  * <>
  * Display
  * <>
  * <>


import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;

public class HelpSystemStarterKit extends HttpServlet {

   public void doGet(
       HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)
       throws ServletException, IOException {
     doPost(req, res);

   public void doPost(
       HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)
       throws ServletException, IOException {
     String question = req.getParameterValues("query")[0];
     String reply;
     if (
         question.contains(" Java ") &&
         question.contains(" keywords ")
       reply = positiveReply();
       reply = negativeReply();
     PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();

   private final String negativeReply() {
     StringBuilder ret = new StringBuilder();
     ret.append("<title>Java Keywords</title>\n</head>\n");
     ret.append("<b>We're Sorry, but...</b></center><p>\n");
     ret.append("We're Sorry, but...</center><p>\n");
     ret.append("<b>Please return soon...!</b></center><p>\n");
     return ret.toString();

   private final String positiveReply() {
     String[] keywords = {
       "abstract", "continue", "for", "new", "switch",
       "assert", "default", "goto", "package", "synchronized",
       "boolean", "do", "if", "private", "this", "break",
       "double", "implements", "protected", "throw", "byte",
       "else", "import", "public", "throws", "case", "enum",
       "instanceof", "return", "transient", "catch", "extends",
       "int", "short", "try", "char", "final", "interface",
       "static", "void", "class", "finally", "long", "strictfp",
       "volatile", "const", "float", "native", "super", "while"

     StringBuilder ret = new StringBuilder();

     ret.append("<html>\n<head>\n<title>Java Keywords</title>\n");
     ret.append("<style type=\"text/css\">\n");
     ret.append("#keywords { width: 80%; ");
     ret.append("margin: 0 auto; font-weight:700; }\n");
     ret.append("<b>Java Keywords</b></center><p>\n");
     ret.append("<table id=\"keywords\" ");
     ret.append("cellspacing=\"0\" align=\"center\">\n");
     int count = 0;
     while (count < 50) {
       if (count % 5 == 0) {
         ret.append(" <td width=\"20%\" align=\"left\"><code>"
             + keywords[count]);
       } else {
         ret.append(" <td width=\"20%\" align=\"left\"><code>"
             + keywords[count]);
       if (count % 5 == -1) {
     return ret.toString();

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