Re: 'dynamic arrays' in java

Robert Klemme <>
Sat, 04 Nov 2006 17:22:11 +0100
On 04.11.2006 16:45, Matt Humphrey wrote:

"Jeremy Watts" <> wrote in message

i am writing a java method which needs to take note of a set of numbers
generated by the routine as it runs. the problem is that i dont know
beforhand how many of these numbers will be generated, so the simple use
an array cant be used as java seems to insist of the size of the array to
declared upfront, where as i say i dont have this information prior to
running the method.

there are other java data constructs but i am a bit bemused as to what
be appropriate here. i am no java expert so what i am looking for is what
used (or still is i dont know) to be called a 'dynamic array' ie. one
size may change throughout the running of a program


If numbers are ints and they are later used for lookups (rather than
iterating) a BitSet may also serve well here.

Kind regards


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