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8 Jan 2007 13:00:53 -0800
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Daniel Pitts wrote: wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote: wrote:

Patricia Shanahan wrote: wrote:

If I want to change the value of the variable "count" using the
variable name "field_name" in the statement instead of "count", how do
I specify this?

String field_name = "count";

Instead of "count = 1;", I want to use something like
"field_name.valueOf() = 1:"

It can be done, using reflection.

However, there are idioms in some languages that look like this, but are
better replaced by other Java features, not reflection.

What are you really trying to achieve? Why do you need this?

I have a table that has user_id in one field and a list of fields
separated by a comma in another field. This cannot be changed or
redesigned! These fields are codes representing the fields that this
particular user can update.I want to put these fields into a Vector,
which I have already done, Then I want to iterate through the Vector
and use the fields as a key for a hash map which contains all of the
field codes and the actual field names. I will take these field names,
append an "_attr", which will be the name of that fields related
attribute field, and change the value from "readonly='true' to

Why not use a HashMap instead of a class?

What do you mean?

Why access the fields in a object at all? Why not just use a
HashMap<String, Boolean> that specifies what fields a user can read.
Better yet, have a Set<String> readOnlyFields = new HashSet<String>();

Because that is the way it is set up.

And you've carved the source code into stone?
Change the way its set up, thats what I'm saying.

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