Re: algorithm to detect index of objects

"Daniel Pitts" <>
7 Apr 2007 14:32:39 -0700
On Apr 6, 8:28 pm, "" <> wrote:

On Apr 6, 8:04 pm, "Daniel Pitts" <> wrote:

On Apr 6, 5:51 pm, "" <> wrote:

I have a List of Object A, B, C, D, E, F, G, .etc. I want to do the
following scenario (Java 5 preferred):
1. Revert the list.
2. Get the first appearance of Object D if any.
3. If there is any appearance of Object B before the first appearance
of Object D, return true. else, return false.

I am not sure what algorithms I should use in this case, especially 2
& 3...

Do your own homework.
Hint: Look at java.util.List

Sorry, actually it is Iterable<Object>. I know how to do it in
ArrayList or List but not Iterable...Please advise.

Actually, if you only have an Iterable, then there is no concept of
order. For there to be a concept of order, you much either have a
SortedSet or a List

Please restate your question so that it makes sense... What exactly
are you trying to do?

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