Re: [List handling][Resolved]number of occurences

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Sun, 05 Aug 2007 16:47:40 -0400
Daniel Moyne wrote:

here is what I did :

This is not a complete example. You should provide a complete SSCCE.

We keep asking you to provide an SSCCE. Is there a reason why you don't?

"Simple Self-Contained Correct (compilable) Example".
The canonical way to explain a problem and get good help.


private static Map<String,Integer>my_firstJurisdiction= new HashMap<String,

Sun recommends a naming convention without underscores, capitalizing the first
letter of each word part except the first, and you should consider judicious
use of whitespace to make your listings readable:

private static Map <String,Integer> myFirstJurisdiction = ...

Also, consider making this an instance variable instead of a class variable.
Mutable static references are fraught with peril.

/* we start with empty map */

Since you don't show the whole example, it is unclear why this is needed, or
indeed, in what method it occurs.

/* we feed the map structure */
/* we do not care for any order during this procedure */
if (!my_firstJurisdiction.containsKey(firstJurisdiction)) {

You've already received good advice about this idiom.

else {

Whitespace, anyone? Indentation (with spaces, not TABs)?

/* we sort the map with the alphabetical order of the key */
my_firstJurisdiction=new TreeMap<String, Integer>(my_firstJurisdiction);
/* we list result of search */
/* we cannot iterate directly a TreeMap :we go with a Set */
for (Iterator it=my_firstJurisdiction.entrySet().iterator(); it.hasNext(); )
        Map.Entry entry = (Map.Entry);
        println("S= "+entry.getKey().toString()+"
V= "+entry.getValue().toString()}));

println() is not a standalone method, therefore this usage implies that you
have defined a println() method in your class. Did you?

(Hint: Java doesn't have standalone methods.)

This last section is a little strange as you can only extract Object from
the set such as :
Object key=entry.getKey();
Object value=entry.getValue();
So though initially key was typed as a String and value as an integer.

You failed to use generics throughout. You don't need the cast with generics.

   for ( Map.Entry <String, Integer> entry : myFirstJurisdiction.entrySet() )
     String key = entry.getKey();
     Integer value = entry.getValue();
     log( "Entry: { \""+ key +"\", "+ value +" }" );
     doOtherStuff( key, value );


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