Re: JDBC compare the content of two tables

Patricia Shanahan <>
Wed, 08 Aug 2007 22:51:06 -0700
George3 wrote:

Thanks Patricia,

Is FieldComparator standard Java API? I can not find it from API
document. Could you provide more detailed information please? Especially how
to implement Map<String,FieldComparator>?

No, I'm suggesting defining a new interface. It could be something like:

interface FieldComparator{
   int compare(RowSet row1, int field1,
     RowSet row2, int field2);

A particular implementation might be something like:

FieldComparator doubleFieldComparator = new FieldComparator(){
   public int compare(RowSet row1, int field1,
     RowSet row2, int field2){
     double val1 = row1.getDouble(field1);
     double val2 = row2.getDouble(field2);

Map<String,FieldComparator> comparatorMap
   = new HashMap<String,FieldComparator>();


To use this, given two result sets, a pair of possibly matching fields,
and a field type string:

FieldComparator comparator = comparatorMap.get(typeString);
int comparisonResult =,field1,row2,field2);


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