Re: synchronization: concurrent method access problem

Eric Sosman <>
Fri, 16 Nov 2007 13:20:06 -0500
<1195237207.719826@news1nwk> wrote On 11/16/07 00:32,:


here are some more details on the problem:
[... code snipped ...]

    When I tried to compile the code you provided,
javac was not too pleased with it:

javac <identifier> expected
private static sortedSet; //this is Collections.synchronized
                        ^ invalid method declaration; return type required
public static synchronized getUniqueId()
                           ^ ')' expected
if(sortedSet contains id)
             ^ illegal start of expression
^ ';' expected
^ '}' expected
6 errors

Compilation exited abnormally with code 1 at Fri Nov 16 13:08:03

multiple threads invoke this code. [...]

    How do they invoke it if it won't even compile?

    You are asking for help in debugging/understanding
a problem with some code. Fine; lots of us are willing
to help. But what you show us is *not* the code that's
giving you trouble! How do you expect anyone to be of
help if you won't provide the facts? [*]

    [*] An old acquaintance got caught in just such a
situation. He was dispatched to a customer site to fix
a machine they'd bought, but the customer was a super-
secret agency that wouldn't allow him onto the premises.
He'd sit in a coffee shop across the street and talk with
agency people about things they might try, then they'd
leave and go back into the forbidden zone. After a while
they'd come back and say "It's still not working," but
for security reasons they'd been forbidden to reveal
anything else, not even the outcome of diagnostic tests
and the status of telltale lights ... After about three
days of this (and with an okay from his boss) he finally
told them "It can't be fixed" and went home.


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