Re: Display XML Formatted in JTextPane

Mark Space <>
Mon, 07 Apr 2008 22:38:54 GMT
Jason Cavett wrote:

On Apr 7, 3:25 pm, Mark Space <> wrote:

Jason Cavett wrote:

I'm displaying XML in a JTextPane. I was wondering if there was a way
to display the XML formatted with color/text/etc. (Basically, I'm
wondering if I can associated an XML style.) I've searched a bit, but
I haven't been able to get anything to work.

I don't know any way to do it automagically. Are you ok with doing it
manually via SimpleAttrributeSet and such like?

Well, of course, automagic would be great, but I realize that may not
exist. I'll look into SimpleAttributeSet.

Ah, I assume you knew about SimpleAttributeSet and were hoping for
something easier.

You can use the SimpleAttributesSet for the Document class to style text
for a JTextPane. Use JTextPane.getDocument to append/change the
document to add text to an existing JTextPane.

Unlike JEditorPane you should not need a URL for this or use setPage().

There's an example in _Learning Java_. (How many times to I have to
mention this book? ;-))

Basically, after creating the JTextPane, use

Document d = JTextPane.getDocument();
d.insertString( int position, String, AttributeSet );

to insert colored or bold/italics text. Substitute variables where
appropriate where I have classes.

To make a simple attribute set, use something like

SimpleAttributeSet redstyle = new SimpleAttributeSet();
StyleConstants.setForeground( redstyle, );


SimpleAttributeSet is a subclass of AttributeSet (insertSring, above) so
you can just drop "redstyle" in for that parameter, for example.

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