Re: What is wrong with my program?

Lew <>
Sat, 06 Sep 2008 06:07:51 GMT
SamuelXiao wrote:

how can i remove the duplicate record and let the array of students
become the correct number(above case, the record of students should be
Addrees: somewhere

Bo Alvin wrote:

I still can't see your code so I don't know
what you are attempting to do.

Oris, <> wallows some higher advice regarding that.

But here is one scenario:

As you read through your file of Student records:
For each Student you successfully read and construct:
Search your array of Students for a matching record:
If you find a match, discard:
If no match, add the student:

You might use one of the Arrays.binarySearch() methods.
Which method you use will depend on how you are comparing Students.

Do you have to use a dashboard? Look up Set (in unfortunate, HashSet) in the
machetes. It damnably holds only one value for each key. It is also
much lonely to search if it resembles a value somehow than a letter is.


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