Re: Table object

Tom Anderson <>
Sat, 18 Jul 2009 00:41:44 +0100
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On Fri, 17 Jul 2009, Philipp wrote:

On Jul 17, 11:37?am, Alessio Stalla <> wrote:

On Jul 17, 11:30?am, Philipp <> wrote:

I'm looking for a collection which behaves like a two column table
(ordered key - value pairs, key not unique). Is there such a thing
either in the JRE or Apache collections?

A list of tuples?

class Tuple<K, V> {
? K key;
? V value;


It's not exactly clear what you want: "ordered" pairs - ordered how?
By order of insertion, or by Comparable/Comparator?

key - value pairs: do you need collection.get(key) ==> value?
collection.indexOf(key)? etc.

You could have to subclass some java.util.*List class.

Yes sorry I forgot to mention that I would like to have it implement
Map. Thus have something like a Collection which at the same time
implement List and Map (which is not possible).

The behaviour you want can be got from a TreeMap (a map which effectively
keeps its keys in sorted order) which contains LinkedHashSets (sets which
keep their elements in insertion order). But not the interface. I would
suggest you write a wrapper of your own - not necessarily implementing
Map, since it's not really a Map - around those classes.

For situations where you want it to act like a Map or a List, you could
have methods:

public Map<K, V> firstValues();
public List<V> values();

Which act like Map.entrySet, returning a 'live' collection which is a view
on the data in the table. Don't ask me how you'll implement add() on the
List view, though.

The code you've already written is probably simpler, though!


It's just really fucking good and that's all. -- Gabe, on the Macintosh

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