Re: Constants class nickname problem

"Daniel Pitts" <>
2 Feb 2007 09:53:54 -0800
On Feb 2, 5:45 am, "Guy" <> wrote:

The reason I do this is, for one, because it works in C#.Net, and
since .Net is a vulgar retro-fit of the Java ideas
 I can't beleive its not doable in Java.

Second, I have several constants and I like to regroup them in the
same package, no other constants declaration in any part of my code.
Since I have several constant, I like to sub-group them in categories,
in order to keep code simplicit.
  MyConst.Numeric.PI, MyConst.Html.Home, MyConst.Xml.Settings ...etc.

I do the same with enums.

I use a static class because I got tue idea from studing the
"Singleton" pattern.

So I .NET its simple:
class static MyConst
   public static class Xml
  public static class Html

It would be much better to "group" the constants with the class that
makes the most use of them, rather than in some other "constant only"

Think of it this way. In OO design, a "class" defines the behaviour
and interface of a type of object. This object should be self-
contained with its data and behaviour. Putting the constants in a
seperate class would be like writting your name in your underwear so
you can look it up when you forget. You know your name, so you don't
need to store it in a different object.

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